CT Unit Training

  • PROJECT CT Unit Training
  • TECHNOLOGY Virtual Reality

Using VR technology to simulate the experience of operating a CT scanner for the purpose of training healthcare professionals. CT scanners are medical imaging devices that use X-rays and computer algorithms to produce detailed cross-sectional images of the body. CT unit training in VR allows healthcare professionals to learn and practice the skills needed to operate a CT scanner in a safe and controlled environment, without the risk of harming real patients. VR CT unit training can include interactive simulations, realistic scenarios, and hands-on practice with virtual equipment. It can be an effective and efficient way to train healthcare professionals and prepare them for real-world CT unit operation.


To create a safe environment for healthcare professionals to practice operating a CT scanner using interactive simulations. </br></br> CT unit training in VR allows users to learn and practice operating a CT scanner using interactive simulations and scenarios. It helps improve skills and prepare for real-world operation.

CT Unit Training

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