Alaris IV Pump Training

  • PROJECT Alaris IV Pump Training
  • TECHNOLOGY Virtual Reality

Experience the future of medical device training with the Alaris IV Pump Virtual Reality Training App by Aura Interact and NVRTLabs. This immersive application offers a step-by-step module with voice-over guidance, simulating an output test for the Alaris 8015 IV Pump. Trainees can interact with a virtual setup, including an infusion bag, tubing set, and the Alaris PC Model 8015 and Pump Model 8100. The app provides hands-on practice, realistic testing scenarios, and pressure test simulations using the Pronk FlowTrax. Safety measures and accuracy checks are emphasized throughout, empowering medical professionals to master the device confidently. Accessible on Meta Quest devices, this convenient and mobile learning tool allows users to upgrade their expertise and deliver seamless patient care effectively.


The Alaris IV Pump Virtual Reality Training App is an immersive and interactive solution designed to improve medical professionals' skills in operating and testing the Alaris 8015 IV Pump, ensuring enhanced patient care.</br></br> The experience of using this virtual reality training app is an engaging and realistic simulation that empowers medical professionals to confidently operate and test the Alaris 8015 IV Pump, enhancing their skills and patient care capabilities.

Alaris IV Pump Training

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