8 Ball Pool VR

  • CLIENT UK based Client
  • PROJECT 8 Ball Pool VR
  • TECHNOLOGY Virtual Reality

The BilliardVR game in virtual reality (VR) is a video game that simulates the experience of playing billiards in a virtual environment. In a BilliardVR game, players use VR controllers to aim and shoot the balls on a virtual pool table. The game can be played alone against a computer opponent or with multiple players online. BilliardVR games often try to replicate the physics of real-world billiards as accurately as possible, so that the gameplay feels realistic and intuitive. BilliardVR also include a variety of different game modes, such as eight-ball, nine-ball, and straight pool, as well as various challenges and mini-games. Overall, a VR billiard game offers a fun and immersive way for players to enjoy the classic game of billiards in a virtual setting. Multiplayer Mode: In BilliardVR, multiplayer mode allows players to play with or against each other over the internet or a local network. In multiplayer mode, players can connect to a game server or lobby and join a game with other players from around the world. Customized Avatar: A customized avatar in a BilliardVR game is a personalized character that represents the player and can be customized with appearance, clothing, and accessories. It enhances the player's immersion in the game.


To create a realistic and immersive experience for players, using VR technology to replicate the physics and gameplay of real-world billiards. Playing a billiard game in VR can be immersive and realistic, with VR controllers allowing natural and intuitive movement. The BilliardVR game can replicate real-world physics, making the gameplay authentic and engaging. It is a fun and innovative way to experience the classic game of billiards.

8 Ball Pool VR

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