Posted on 16 Feb, 2022

AI/ML Engineer(Computer Vision)

2-4 Years
  • Excellent knowledge on any/all of the given concepts in Computer Vision - namely Image Classification, Object Detection and Semantic Segmentation developed using state of the art deep learning algorithms
  • Hands on experience in developing efficient and real-time convolution neural network models
  • Hands on working experience with anyone of the deep learning frameworks -TensorFlow, Caffe, Pytorch
  • Quick prototyping skills in Python, Coding and debugging skills in C++
  • Strong working knowledge of Numpy, Pandas and Matplotlib.
  • ML/DL techniques to handle 3D data, modeling geometries of 3D objects, human pose tracking, computational geometry, and mathematical optimization
  • And/or strong understanding of machine learning algorithms and deep networks used in these areas
  • Ability to lead a small group of junior engineers working in similar areas
  • Knowledge in OpenCV, DLib and basics of Image Processing and Computer Vision
  • Hands on knowledge in model compression and pruning in deep learning
  • Familiarity with GPU computing (CUDA, OpenCL) and HPC
  • Knowledge of 3D(good to have)
  • AR/VR/MR experience is big plus
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